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FAMT flowchart shows LO system for learner's path.

As part of a group project, one of my roles was to develop the flowchart for the tutorial. Here is the flowchart for the Fauvorite Artistic Movement  Tutorial.

When designing a flowchart, I am always cognizant of the amount of student interaction depicted by the different flowchart shapes.

As you can see here, the main menu is presented after a background knowledge vocabulary branching to ensure a unifying language for user success.

One very exciting assignment was to design a flowchart, storyboards, and a summary to deliver to a classmate to design your vision for a tutorial! I designed a syllable tutorial and this is the flowchart that I created to guide the instructional designer.

Syllable flowcahrt for learner's path through tutorial.

This flowchart is part of my capstone project: Academic Vocabulary Instruction.

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