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Roses inspired by rosarian, Bea Grow's secret formula. I owe all my success in my tiny garden to her!


Thank you for exploring my work. 

What is it about the human spirit that craves creativity? From the toddler with mud pies to the baker with fresh rolls, the drive to invent, build, devise, and solve is insatiable and so rewarding. An instructional designer is a builder, a creator, an inventor, a connector, and a communicator.


After many years of teaching, I am ready for new challenges and opportunities to take my career in a new direction. I am excited to use all that I have learned in the classroom and apply those experiences to a career in instructional design. 

What drew me to teaching is a drive to reach frustrated learners and the creative outlet of instruction. As a remedial reading teacher, I have honed my abilities to scaffold learning and make it engaging. I consider those my best talents. I approach learning with how best can one reach this goal? Then, I visualize the process through the eyes of the learner and develop the learning event as such. Learner empathy is the foundation to successful instruction. 


Personally, I am a life-long learner. And, I am excited by the doors technology is opening to reach diverse learners. 


I may not be a toddler with mud pies or a baker with yummy delights, but I do like to goof around in the soil. If you don't find me trying out a new technological tool, then you most likely will find me in the garden - always trying to create something interesting or beautiful! 

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